Perrysburg Dentistry

What should you expect on your first dental cleaning appointment?

Scheduled AppointmentsTooth Exam

A regularly scheduled hygiene appointment is 30 – 60 minutes long. Our patients are seen by appointments only, and a postcard reminder will be sent 2 weeks prior, as well as a phone call to remind you of your appointment, the day before.  We strive to be on time, and respect our patients’ schedules, and we ask you show us the same courtesy. If you cannot make your scheduled appointments, call us with 24hours’ notice.

Services Provided

A professional teeth cleaning, oral exam, cancer exam, periodontal probing and any necessary dental x-rays to evaluate for dental decay, and periodontal disease.

Medical History

To be able to assess your dental health, you will be required to complete a medical history, continually updating this and tracking your health at our office. Any recent hospitalization or serious medical problems should be reported to our doctors and staff members.  A Complete lists of medications you are taking is required, including name of the drug, dose, and whether it is a prescription or non-prescription drug. This will enable us to assure the safest dental care as a part of your overall health.  If you are required to take a premedication prior to treatment, please inform us so we may prescribe the appropriate medication prior to your appointment. 

The Examination

After your hygienist completes your teeth cleaning, oral cancer exam, necessary dental radiographs are reviewed to assist in diagnosis. The doctor will then review the hygienists findings, radiographs, complete an oral exam, examine your gums, teeth,  tongue, head and neck.  We will evaluate and discuss any issues you bring to us regarding your dentition; evaluate any current fillings or other restorative work to assure all aspects of your oral health are reviewed.


If you require additional treatment, we will explain the diagnosis and answer your questions around the plan. We provide treatment options based on our patients’ needs and desires, creating a treatment plan for the most affordable and appropriate care. for their particular needs.  The cost of the treatment plan as well as any insurance benefits you may be entitled to will be reviewed by our office staff. 

Home Care and 6 month Recall

Our professional hygienists will teach you how to properly maintain your clean smile.  We provide all our patients the dental tools necessary to clean their teeth at home.  Before you leave the office we will schedule your 6 month recall visit.