Perrysburg Dentistry

Mom and ChildYour child’s first visit to our office should not be an emergency, as we attempt to make every visit enjoyable and a fun experience for your child.  Routinely, we see children beginning at 3 years of age, but we encourage parents to bring along their children and/or their siblings to visualize the parent receiving treatment.  We are a very kid-friendly office and love having children be a part of our day. Your child is not fearful of a dental visit but is fearful of new experiences.  By being part of YOUR experience, they learn to be comfortable in our office, get to know our staff and leave with a prize! We attempt to use simple pleasant words to describe their dental treatments.   If your child needs to be seen before the age of 3 due to a dental decay, trauma or to help answer your questions, we will see them.

Mom and Child


Our Staff has been trained to treat children and have years of experience.  Many of our dental patients are now adults and are bringing THEIR children to us for their care.  This is one of the most rewarding things our patients can do for us, in our practice.   Many of our pediatric and adolescent patients have never had a dental cavity due to good dental care and good home care.  As parents please focus on the positives of your child’s first visit.  Educate them on the importance of good diet, home care and regular checkups, and your child’s teeth will last their lifetime.